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Meet Harriet, Splash Creative Design's favourite PR and social media guru.

harriet brown pr and social media management

Not enough budget? Other priorities? Time constraints? Not sure how to do it? No inspiration?

If any of these excuses sound familiar as to why your business’s marketing, PR, online presence or advertising isn’t up to date, Harriet Brown PR can help. Harriet regularly helps businesses in the following fields:

Social media management  •  Blog writing  •  Campaign planning  •  Content writing  •  Copy writing  •  Collateral building  •  Event planning  •  Product launching  •  Networking  •  Press releases  •  Liaising with the media  •  Advertising & editorial  •  Consultations/coaching

Harriet Brown PR can integrate into your office or business life providing marketing and public relations support from as little as 2 hours a week, in your office, remotely or on location.

Harriet Brown PR does not insist on any retainers or minimum term contracts. Harriet can work with clients on an ongoing basis or for ad hoc assignments. That way clients can utilise what budget they have on areas they need to prioritise the most.

Get in touch with Harriet today to arrange a free telephone consultation:

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18c High Street, Battle

East Sussex TN33 0AE

07852 145489

harriet brown pr and social media management

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